The Wonder Girls will officially kick off their U.S promotional activities according to producer and JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young.

On March 24, JYP updated fans on the upcoming activities of the quintet in the U.S as well as their Korean comeback scheduled for the summer.

JYP revealed through his twitter, “For the Wonder Girls American album, 12 tracks have been completed. World famous composers have been involved in its production and we successfully completed the largest scale shooting for a music video so far.”

JYP also teased fans as he tweeted, “You will be shocked by the surprise the title song holds.”

On the release of the album, JYP stated, “We’ve been discussing the release date as well as the marketing strategies of the album with our American partners, so please wait a bit more for its release.”

After disclosing some info regarding the upcoming release of the U.S album of the Wonder Girls, JYP also hinted at their Korean comeback, “Since the Wonder Girls have completed the filming of the music video and the recording of the album, we’re recording a Korean album so Korean fans please anticipate it.” He then added, “Let’s make this summer a Wonder Girls festival in both Korea and overseas~”

After a successful Korean comeback last year, the Wonder Girls went back to the U.S. to prepare for their American comeback. The Wonder Girls then released “The DJ Is Mine,” as the original soundtrack of their Teen Nick movie “The Wonder Girls.”

Are you excited?