JYP Entertainment has achieved the highest results out of the big three entertainment companies in terms of their second quarter profits.

The entertainment company recently released its sales numbers, revealing a huge boost from the previous year. Profit numbers increased to 3.8 billion won, which is 370.6 percent higher in comparison to their previous numbers. The sales number also increased to 17.9 billion won, which is a 52.7 percent increase within this year.

Based on these numbers, JYP gained the highest profit numbers out of the big three entertainment companies. JYP’s profit ratio was 21.2 percent, beating out YG Entertainment’s 8.7 percent ratio. JYP especially received attention for overturning SM Entertainment, who recorded a 2.4 billion won deficit from 769 billion won.

A source from JYP stated that 2PM, miss A, as well as GOT7 and TWICE have all played a part in boosting sales. In fact, GOT7 and TWICE were seen as primary sources.

Recent activities like JYP Nation concerts, Jun.K debuting as a solo artist, Wonder Girls maintaining number one on the music charts, and TWICE having a firm footing on the advertising market are some of the many factors that may positively influence JYP Entertainment for their third quarter report.

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