JYP will appear on SBS’ “Running Man” with the actor Chun Jun Myung as Chinese delivery boys. The episode with the two as guests will broadcast on April 29.

Once the two appeared for filming, the “Running Man” members stated, “This is such a surprising event that the two would appear on this show together.” Chun Jung Myung stated, “I appeared on the show to help out JYP who will soon release an album.”

A representative of the show stated, “JYP and Chun Jung Myung are very close, JYP asked Chun Jung Myung if he would appear on the show together, that is why the two are the guests for the April 29 episode.”

The game for the April 29 episode of “Running Man” is a Chinese delivery game. The two teams will both try to deliver “Ja Jang Myun” (A Korean-Chinese noodle dish) to people as fast as they can.