As we reported before, JYP will be coming back soon! Before we did not know when he would be coming back but knew that he was working on his new album. JYP Entertainment announced that JYP would release his new mini album at the end of April and resume his singing activities.

It has been 2 years since JYP has released an album. The last one was “Sad Freedom” in December 2009.

If you look at JYP’s schedule since last year he was extremely busy. He helped with the Wonder Girls’ American album, produced miss A’s mini album “Touch,” appeared on “Dream High 2,” acted for the film “5 Million Dollar Man,” opened up a restaurant in New York, and appeared as a judge on “SBS K-Pop Star.”

Despite the busy schedule, JYP has been preparing his comeback by producing songs. After releasing the mini album he plans to hold a showcase to reveal the songs he produced over the two years.

JYP Entertainment stated, “JYP has prepared a new style of music that you haven’t seen before.”