Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment, was found to have told YG Entertainment’s founder and chairman Yang Hyun Suk that Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” is the best song he has heard in the past year.

On March 28, Yang Hyun Suk told Star News, “Park Jin Young told me that Big Bang’s ‘Bad Boy’ is the best song he’s heard in the past year, and asked me who produced the song. It was quite flattering to hear such a compliment from one of the best songwriters.”

“To me personally, ‘Bad Boy’ is one of the best songs by Big Bang. Park Jin Young is also very interested in hip hop and R&B music, so I think that’s why he likes ‘Bad Boy,’” Yang Hyun Suk added.

“Bad Boy” is the fourth track of Big Bang’s fifth mini album released in February. The song is written and produced by G-Dragon and Choice 37, with rap lyrics done by T.O.P. In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s the MV for “Bad Boy.”