Woo Young: “Put Your Hands Up”

On August 17th, JYP Entertainment tweeted the latest episode of the YouTube reality series “Real 2PM”. The new short takes Hottests to the filming set of a recent Caribbean Bay CF (literally: Commercial Filming). The four minute and twelve second video follows the boys as they take turns diving into the water. They seem to be playing around after a long day of work for Caribbean Bay.

Watch the video below to discover the band’s hidden water skills.They are incredible! Which PMer do you feel should seriously consider a career as a professional swimmer? I think I hear the Olympics calling “….2PM…2PM!”

JYPE: “[Real 2PM] Caribbean Bay CF making film Part 2”

Recently, 2PM wrapped up the JYP Nation in Japan Concert. 

Credits: @JYPEOFFICIAL, 2pm’s Official YouTube Channel, enews24 and CJ E & M Entertainment (Image)