JYP Entertainment announced that the company will take necessary legal actions against an individual who has been continuously making inappropriate, derogatory, and sexual comments about Sohee from Wonder Girls on twitter. 

JYPE warned this individual via twitter, “You have been spreading false information and making offensive comment regarding JYPE’s artist Sohee via twitter. We have contacted you regarding this issue multiple times in the past, asking you to delete and/or edit your twitter posts. However, you failed to acknowledge the severity of your action and have been continuing to post more offensive, harassing, and defamatory comments. As of today, we are giving you the very last warning.”

JYPE continued, “If you fail to delete all posts regarding Sohee from your twitter by noon, April 9, 2012, we will sue you for violating ‘Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act’ and contempt. Currently, we have done extensive research on your criminal act. Please be aware that we plan on taking both civil and criminal legal actions.” 

However, the individual who has been accused of making inappropriate comments about Sohee is still refusing to delete any of his previous twitter posts. He wrote on his account, “I’m not deleting any of this. You want to get me, go ahead and arrest me.” This individual has three twitter accounts, which he uses to post obscene, sexual, and defamatory comments to Sohee, claiming that Sohee is his girlfriend. 

JYPE commented, “There has been people sending derogatory comments or trying to ‘dirty-talk’ to Sohee via twitter. We are not sure if this particular individual of interest has anything to do with previous online harassment cases. However, this individual openly makes lewd comments to everyone, including some of Wonder Girls’ younger fans, to see and we are extremely disturbed by his comments. We thought that appropriate action should be taken to protect Sohee as well as Wonder Girls’ fans. We are currently seeking legal consultation and will shorty take an action.”