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Jin Young Park (JYP) recently posted a photo of his diet regime. On the morning of April 21, JYP tweeted a photo along with the caption, “The breakfast I recommend for those who want to dance until they’re 60. Three kinds of nuts, two fruits, two dried fruits, powdered mixed grains with soy milk, vegetable juice. Preparation time is only 15 minutes.”

In the photo, there is a assortment of healthy fruits, like a banana, orange, and dried persimmon, as well nuts and soy milk for an health balance of Vitamin C and protein.

Netizens who came upon the photo commented, “This is JYP’s diet regime. They really are health foods, “ “Will I really be able to dance until I’m 60 if I eat like this? I’m going to try it, too, “ and “So JYP oppa’s body was all thanks to this diet regime.”