As many ARMYs know, September 1 is BTS‘s maknae Jungkook‘s birthday. To celebrate, fansites raised funds and paid cafes to use personalized Jungkook sleeves for their drinks. Many ARMYs bought drinks from participating cafes to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday.

Many fans were spotted leaving empty or unfinished cups in front of the cafes, however. While many were happy that fans came to support the project, people are upset that they just left their trash out for the employees to clean up.

This is seriously crazy. If you don’t want to finish the drink, you should have just paid for the cup holder. Why did pay for the drink just to leave it out here? What is this? Please don’t do this, BTS wouldn’t like it.

Guys… Please don’t do this.

Many are dissappointed in the fans who did this, saying that it makes BTS and the rest of the fandom look bad. People are also pointing out that them not finishing the drink is not a problem, but the fact that they just left it there is a sign of misconduct.

Oh my god, I’m a BTS fan and I’m so ashamed.

– Korean Netizen

This allegedly happened in different cafes around Hongdae, Seoul. Netizens are upset with these ARMYs actions, with many calling out the fans for their lack of manners. Many ARMYs have apologized for these people’s actions, saying that only a small percentage of them are like this and most mean no harm.