Test your knowledge of After School with this short but sweet quiz for K-pop addicts and After School fans. 

1. When did After School debut and with what song?  For bonus points: Who were the original members of After School?

2. When did Uee become a member of After School?

3. What was After School’s third single mini-album?  For bonus points:  Who were the new members added to After School?

4. What were the names of the two sub-units of After School? (aside from Orange Caramel)    

5. What was the concept of their single “Let’s Step Up”?

6. What was the concept of their latest (sixth) single “First Love”? 

Click through the gallery to find out the answers!  Plus check out vintage After School dance battles!  

[Updated–“third single” to “third single mini-album”  Thanks for the catch!]


1. In January 2009, After School debuted with their first single “AH!”  The original five members were Kahi, Jungah, Soyoung, Juyeon, and Bekah.   After School debuted with a concept and sound that was obviously modeled on the Pussycat Dolls with unabashedly sexy stage costumes, signature moves, hair-flipping, and flashing expanses of skin—relatively centered on the all-around best member Kahi (who impressed fans with her toned abs, long legs, and fierce attitude).  

After School – “AH!” (live performance) 

2. In April 2009, After School made their first comeback with their single “DIVA” (released as a digital single) and new member Uee.  Uee immediately made an impression on celebs and the general public with her “honey thighs” and baby face.  

After School – “DIVA” (live performance) 

3.  In March 2010, After School made their comeback with third single mini-album “Bang!” which featured a radically different concept with the girls dressed as the sexiest drummers ever and having learned a complicated marching-band inspired drum and dance sequence.  Leader Kahi came up with the concept after watching the movie “Drumline.”  Raina and Nana joined in October 2009.  Lizzy joined in March 2010.  

After School – “Bang!” (live performance) 

4. In July 2011, After School formed two subunits called: A.S. Red (Kahi, Jungah, Uee, and Nana) and A.S. Blue (Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, E-Young).  A.S. Red promoted the single “Night into the Sky.”  A.S. Blue promoted the single “Wonder Boy.”  

5. In April 2011, After School released their first full-length album called “Virgin.”  After School again challenged themselves with a new genre of performance and came up with a tap dance concept for their single “Let’s Step Up.” 

After School – “Let’s Step Up” (live performance) 


6. In June 2013, After School made their comeback with sixth single “First Love” which featured the decidedly not-innocent concept of pole-dancing.  Though controversial, fans couldn’t deny that After School had come back with another memorable performance and a sexily silky song.  

Dance Battle: After School v. Girls Generation  (change to HD)

Dance Battle: After School v. 4Minute (change to HD)