SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season 2” has finished holding auditions in countries abroad.

The auditions took place in various representative cities like New York, USA (September 8), Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia (September 15) and Vancouver, Canada and London, England (September 22). It’s been revealed that the big audition pool for Vancouver and London have gone beyond the production staff’s expectations for their unique faces, outstanding skills, and impressive backgrounds.

There have been a few candidates with unique pasts. In Vancouver, one auditionee, who has previously been invited as a guest on the popular American show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” have grabbed the hearts of the judges with fluency in 5 languages, beautiful face and creative dance moves. Another contestant is creating a lot of buzz with not only her impressive piano and vocal skills, but that her younger brother has wowed the judges with his guitar skills in “K-Pop Star Season 1.”

The contestants from the London audition traveled far and wide from countries like France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden, proving the popularity of the audition program. It’s been revealed that some of the contestants have previously participated in well-known European audition programs like “The X-Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” creating much expectation for their skills and experiences.

A representative from the show had to commented on the auditions abroad, “There are a lot of handsome and beautiful contestants from various cultures, with different instruments and participated in various genres” and continued, “We are very satisfied with the turnout. There are many contestants we wanted to take with us to Korea and we ended up passing 2 times more than our initial quota. We’re happy and excited because of finding many talents who are like diamonds in the rough.”

Soompiers, who here auditioned for “K-Pop Star Season 2?” We want to root for you!