K-Tigers Zero and former RAINZ member Byun Hyun Min has been cast in an upcoming movie!

Byun Hyun Min is a member of the Taekwondo team K-Tigers and mixed Taekwondo moves into his choreography during his appearance on “Produce 101 Season 2.” He debuted in the project group RAINZ and is expected to debut soon in the 12-member Taekwondo/K-pop group K-Tigers Zero.

On February 20, his agency, K-Tigers Entertainment, stated, “Byun Hyun Min has been cast in the role of ‘Shou’ in the Japanese film ‘Harajuku 3 Ninjas’ [literal translation]. Please look forward to what he can do.”

“Harajuku 3 Ninjas” is a science fiction film about a village of ninjas in Harajuku that travel back and forth in time. The film is produced in partnership with the famous animation company Toei and Rising Production.

Byun Hyun Min’s character is an idol trainee in the modern day, but a ninja in the past. Through his agency, he released a statement saying, “I’m happy and excited to be working with a good crew and taking on a new challenge. I am doing my best during filming now.”

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