Singer K.Will will be making a come back on October 11 with a new regular album and its title song “Please Don’t.” K.Will’s agency Starship Entertainment announced this on October 4 and commented, “K.Will worked with several star producers like Kim Do Hoon and Primary and so on in this upcoming album.” 

This is K.Will’s first regular album to be released in three years. Many excited ballad fans are already expressing great expectation about K.Will’s upcoming album. Prior to his official come back, K.Will recently released a video clip showing Mrs. Jung and Brownie from KBS “Gag Concert” visiting him at the recording studio. In the released video, Mrs. Jung shows up at K.Will’s recording studio with her pet Brownie complaining that she can’t listen to any other albums because K.Will’s last one was so addictive. After complaining, she is demanding K.Will to give her the new album in exchange for his old one.