A new and coming SNS drama is in the works and the two leading roles have been confirmed as Kahi and Lee Wan.

The drama is called “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet” (working title) and is also being called “Ah. Hae. Ddae,” as a shortened version of the Korea title (much like 2PM‘s “Ha. Ni. Bbun“).

“Ah. Hae. Ddae” will air through various portal sites, YouTube, Facebook and other SNS outlets. It is a high quality production drama about the romance among five men and women, set in the lovely island of Jeju.

Kahi will play the role of Shim Jae Hee, who is a doctor. Shim Jae Hee loses her lover in the past and has trouble opening up to others, especially her junior Kim In Chul (played by Lee Wan), who has a crush on her.

“Ah. Hae. Ddae” will be Lee Wan’s comeback project after his recent discharge from the military.

This six episode, omnibus style drama will air on July 22.

ah hae ddae kahi

ah hae ddae lee wan