Kahi was at Synnara records. Since the Pledis website was down, we didn’t know she would be there, so we happened to walk right into it by accident! (I was checking the site twice daily). 

After a nice performance at Music Core, we felt inclined to get more CDs. Suguishi mentioned she wanted to get Kahi’s new record, so that was the plan of action after the show. Walking to the Synarra records down the street into the plaza, we noticed a line of fanboys and fangirls. My eyes widen and heart quickens as I know this must be a fan meet. We ran towards the security and inquired of what this is about. He tells us that it’s a fan signing for KAHI. What a coincidence, since she was out to get her CD. I said to him, I don’t have a ticket but I brought the cd. They moved us to the front of the line and charged 9K won for Kahi’s CD to Suiguishi, but I had my own so it wasn’t necessary.

I  told her where I was from and that I just met her sisters Orange Caramel two weeks ago and that I was a big fan of hers. She asked for my name so she could personalize my autograph. Don’t hate on her English, at least she tried. She looked at me and smile and said thank you. From the look on her face to me and how she treated others, she was very sweet! She might be a diva on the stage, but your friend in person.

This fan signing was done quicker than you probably read this article; and that’s a good thing since Kahi has to be up early for Inkigayo tomorrow!

Being that this was a “random” fan signing to us and that it was Kahi, we became so happy, thrilled and hyper. This really made our evenings! After attending this fan signing and the one the special fan meet with Orange Caramel, my grade for Pledis stands strong with an A+ 

No pictures were allowed and this situation was tricky to get anything of Kahi. I’ll leave you with just the basics.