After graduating and stepping down as a leader from the idol group After School, Kahi has been preparing to stand alone as an artist. To give us a little preview of her solo image, Kahi has taken part of a sexy photo shoot for the fashion magazine, “Sure.”

Kahi displays her alluring and sexy charms with various outfits such as tight leather jackets, leather pants and black tops. She tops off her fierce image with a platinum blonde hairstyle. Together with her edgy and intense facial expressions, she pulls off a variety of concepts.

Kahi expresses multiple emotions through her poses such as passion, angst and even depression. Her minimalistic fashion concept of pairing black and white items together portrays a cold and chic image.

Photo shoot staff members commented, “Every time the flash went off, Kahi’s eyes and poses acted on instinct – we were so surprised,” and did not hold back their highest praises for her. Kahi’s “Sure” photo shoot can be found in the September issue.