On the episode of tvN’s “Taxi” which aired on April 26, singers Kahi and Navi appear as part of the “Spring Lovers” special.

During the show, when asked why she left the girl group After School in 2012, Kahi replies, “After School originally started with five members. However, as the members increased, some of the original members started to get upset.”

kahi 4

“Despite the continued conflict, the company did not listen to me. I would always teach the new members when they came in, but they would just go on air and call me scary. I had no one on my side. I, too, am a woman and a part of the company,” she adds. “That’s why I decided to leave.”

kahi 3

“I once said on air that there’s an outsider in the group, and that outsider was actually me,” Kahi goes on to say. “I didn’t want to act like friends with the members. I wanted to perform my role as a leader correctly.”

kahi 2

Catch more of Kahi on this week’s episode of “Taxi.”

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