Kahi praised I.O.I’s Kim Chungha and Kim So Hye.

On the episode of tvN’s “Taxi” aired on April 26, Kahi and Navi appear for the “Spring Lovers” special.

While talking about “Produce 101,” Kahi says, “There was a good dancer who caught my eye. Her name is Kim Chungha. Though she was on the bottom of the ranks at first, she ended up being one of the final 11 members.”

kahi produce 101 4

Then she talks about Kim Sohye and the progress she has made.

“She had no skills at all. As the episodes passed by, she worked harder. I personally think that nothing can beat hard work. In the end, she finally managed to be a stable girl group member,” Kahi says.

kahi produce 101 5

kahi produce 101 3

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