Celebrity Kan Mi Yeon‘s pet dog, Kkami went missing.

On August 30th, she wrote on her Me2day asking her neighbors if they have seen a black poodle named Kkami, about 3 kg with a red bump on its back. “It went out about 5 p.m. yesterday,” she wrote and posted a picture of her dog.

Yesterday, on Aug. 29, Um Tae Woong‘s pet dog Baek Tong also went out and hasn’t returned, causing his fans to feel sad. Even before the problem has been solved, another pet-missing incident has happened today.

Her fans commented and encouraged her saying, “Oh my gosh, you will definitely be able to find it”,”I want to help but I don’t know what to do…” and more expressing their empathy over the loss. Among those comments, however, there were a few reporting they saw a black poodle moaning in the playground or that their friend picked up a similar looking dog.

Kan Mi Yeon was happy to approach such news and she went to find her Kkami. There haven’t been any reports on her finding her dog yet but everyone is wishing Kkami’s return to Kan Mi Yeon’s arms.