Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung’s agency LM Entertainment has shared an update on legal action against malicious commenters.

On February 14, the agency posted an official statement on their official fan cafes.

The following statement is identical on both fan cafes with only the name changed:


This is LM Entertainment.

This is a mid-process update on malicious commenters.

In order to act against the insulting online posts written about him, the plaintiff Kang Daniel / Yoon Ji Sung checked comments on domestic Internet news articles as well as posts on domestic portal sites, Naver Cafe, and Daum Cafe and filed a criminal lawsuit of contempt at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against those who wrote malicious posts

The malicious commenters who have become the subject of this criminal complaint are those who continuously wrote insulting posts including those that ridicule physical appearance and sexually derogatory remarks.

Afterwards, the plaintiff Kang Daniel / Yoon Ji Sung personally went to the Gangnam Police Station and participated in an interview. During this process, the contents of the malicious posts written by the suspects were checked again, and the plaintiffs expressed the emotional distress they have received due to the malicious comments written by the suspects.

The police that is investigating this case revealed that warrants will be requested from the relevant sites in order to identify the suspects, and once they are identified, the suspects will be summoned for investigation. As much as the plaintiffs have experienced emotional distress for a long time due to malicious comments online, even after the suspects are identified, there will be no settlement with the suspects during the investigation process, and firm action will be taken until the end.

We express gratitude for the help you have provided, and we ask that you send tips regarding malicious comments to (Kang Daniel : lm.protec[email protected]) / (Yoon Ji Sung : [email protected]). Please check below for information on submitting tips.

Thank you.

The statement is followed by specific directions on sending tips to the agency.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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