Kang Daniel talked about himself recently, and shared that he always wants to be his true, honest self in front of his fans!

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Recently, Kang Daniel’s Singles magazine photoshoot with Givenchy Beauty was released online, showing fans a purer, more natural concept in which he felt comfortable. Regarding the concept, Kang Daniel commented,

I like it when I am the most like myself.

—Kang Daniel

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He further shared that he always tries his best to act most like himself when he’s on-air, because acting otherwise often makes him feel awkward and unnatural.

Whether I’m on broadcast or something else, I always try to show an image most like myself. Because I have a raw and honest personality, I feel awkward when I act not like myself.

I also add a lot of my own stories in my music.

—Kang Daniel

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As he talked about his career, the conversation naturally gravitated toward the music he releases. In regards to his new album, he revealed that this last album of the “Color” series was as much an end as it was a beginning.

If my past albums have shown how much I’ve grown, this new album expresses a more upgraded and full version of myself. As this is the last part of my color series, I wanted to convey a message that showed that I overcame everything and am ready for a new start.

—Kang Daniel

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Kang Daniel recently released his mini-album, YELLOW, on April 14 and made a comeback with his title track, “Antidote”.

Watch the MV here!