Netizens are raving over an unexpected duo appearing together in their latest Instagram photos: Kang Daniel and Jessi!


| @jessicah_o/Instagram

The idol’s appearance on Jessi’s Showterview will be coming soon but something else has grabbed the attention of netizens.

  • LOL it seems like they won’t match but they actually look good together!
  • They kind of look like anime characters! They weirdly match each other hahaha
  • This is such a different sight lol

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

The unique and unexpected pair somehow compliments each other’s individual chams, one comment even referring to them as “the puppy and the black panther.”

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

With both of their incredible celebrity-like proportions, some have gone as far as to say it’s reminiscent of a webtoon poster.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Announcer Jo Jung Shik joins for a photo and it’s hard to deny the unexpected chemistry the trio create.

 The picture with the three together looks like some Webtoon poster lol. They unexpectedly match.

— Netizen

| @ayoj6ix/Instagram

Be sure to catch Kang Daniel’s appearance on Jessi’s Showterview coming soon!