Kang Daniel is talented in many different areas of expertise and he’s just added a new special skill to his list!

kang daniel cooking hobby 9


He’s found a new hobby, and that’s cooking! He explained that he enjoys buying the ingredients and putting it all together in a pot for a delicious soup!


He’s most confident in making the traditional beef radish soup! And he likes to give it a little spicy kick like they do in the Gyeongsang-do province.

kang daniel beef radish soup

I enjoy cooking these days. I find buying ingredients for soup and making it to be fun.

I’m most confident in making beef radish soup like they do in Gyeongsang-do. I first began making it by following Baek Jong Won’s recipe but I like making it spicy like they do in Gyeongsang-do.

— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel’s fans can now add “cooking” to his long list of talents, and who wouldn’t want to taste some good home-cooked meal by him?!


Will Chef Kang open up his own restaurant for his fans one day? Let’s hope so!

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