Kang Daniel and his agency KONNECT Entertainment trended on search engines once again after his appearance on MBC’s The Manager.

| @konnect_danielk/Twitter

Previously, Kang had made a guest appearance on the show and gained attention for providing free snacks and drinks for his employees.

| My Manager/MBC

This time around, he revealed that he held a company raffle at the beginning of every year to thank them for their hard work.

What stood out the most (and caused Kang to trend online), were the prizes that were being given out. First place was an electronic clothing styler, second place was a new iphone, and third place was airpod max headphones.

| My Manager/MBC

Kang prepared sixteen prizes for his sixteen employees, making sure that no one would go empty-handed. However, the difference in prizes could be seen.

| My Manager/MBC

The prizes for 15th and 16th place were autographed posters of Kang, and of course he wouldn’t just let that be the prize.

| My Manager/MBC

He prepared gift certificates for those that received smaller prizes, making sure he made all his employees happy.

| My Manager/MBC

The employee who won first place was so happy about it that she even changed her computer background to Kang Daniel, replacing her favorite actor Kim Seon Ho!

| My Manager/MBC

| My Manager/MBC

I don’t know about you but if my company’s CEO gave out prizes like that, I’d be one of the hardest working employees on the team!