More Wanna One members are working on determining their individual fan club names!

Previously, Park Ji Hoon’s fan club name was announced to be May. The submission period has concluded for Kim Jae Hwan’s fan club name, and the submission period recently began for Ha Sung Woon’s.

Now, Kang Daniel, Yoon Ji Sung, and Bae Jin Young are also taking ideas for their fan club names.

Ideas for Kang Daniel’s and Yoon Ji Sung’s fan clubs will be taken until February 3, and ideas for Bae Jin Young’s fan club will be accepted until February 7.

The artists will select their fan club names themselves from the ideas submitted by fans.

Suggestions can be submitted by fan cafe members for Kang Daniel’s fan club here, Yoon Ji Sung’s here, and Bae Jin Young’s here.

What are your ideas for their official fan club names?

Top photo credit: Xportsnews