In the midst of actor Kang Dong Won‘s recent vlog updates, fans have been refocusing their attention on the star while also bringing up a past interview where he opened up about dating and relationships.


A recent post in a particular online community revisited Kang Dong Won’s past interview where he confessed that he is completely unable to flirt with a woman.


He also added, “I’ve only asked one woman for her number before. I don’t like to force anything. I like things to flow naturally.


Kang Dong Won also surprised fans by sharing, “I’m more confident when it comes to my work, but I don’t have any confidence in dating. I don’t understand women. They’re a complete mystery to me. I often don’t know what they’re thinking.


Kang Dong Won has been looking so attractive in his recent vlogs that fans are still finding it hard to believe that he has a hard time when it comes to dating.


Kang Dong Won is currently residing in LA ahead of his filming for Tsunami LA.