Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun will share a sweet kiss on the upcoming SBS weekend drama “Angel Eyes.”

Kang Ha Neul plays a bright and honest youth, Park Dong Joo, whose dream is to become a firefighter, while Nam Ji Hyun plays an innocent girl, Yoon Su Wan, who goes blind due to an unfortunate accident.

Twelve years later, fate brings Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Su Wan (Goo Hye Sun) back together. Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun will reenact the characters’ school days, and the young love that their characters shared.

Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun Kiss Scene
Ahead of the drama’s premiere on April 5, the production has released these stills of the characters on a date. This scene occurs on the night Su Wan’s 19th birthday, where Dong Joo prepares a special event for Su Wan and promises to always be by her side. Dong Joo and Su Wan then share a sweet kiss with one another.

The streetlight kiss scene was filmed in February in Jung-gu, Incheon, where Su Wan’s house is located. The pictures don’t show how cold it was thanks to the two actors, who were fully immersed in their characters. Instead, the pictures convey the feelings of first love. The precious memories shared by this couple will paint a picture of a first love worth yearning for.

Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun will appear early in “Angel Eyes” in the teenage roles of the main characters who meet again 12 years later by fate. The drama is described as a fairytale-like, lyrical, youth-driven melodrama.

“Angel Eyes” premieres on Saturday at 9:45 PM KST on SBS.