Kang Ho Dong signed a new contract with SM C&C, an affiliate of SM Entertainment, and made his comeback  by this year official.

“Kang Ho Dong signed a management contract with SM C&C and is planning to comeback by the end of this year. With the management of SM C&C and the partnership with SME, we plan to show a better side of him,” SM said in a statement.

“I’ve put a lot of thought into it since last year, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the best decision is to return to TV as an MC and bring a lot of laughter to the Korean people. That’s why I decided to resume my TV activities. With the contract with SM C&C and SM’s systematic management, I’ll do my best to bring more fun and emotional moments to the Korean people,” Kang Ho Dong said.

In addition to Kang Ho Dong, SM C&C also signed Shin Dong Yup, putting two of the country’s top MCs under their management.

“SM C&C is expanding to areas outside of the tourism business, mainly under the goal of becoming Asia’s largest video contents and TV drama program production. The addition of Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yup will only boost our growth and help build the foundation for us to get involved in a variety of programs,” Kim Young Min, the CEO of SM Entertainment and SM C&C said.