Entertainer Kang Ho Dong decided to donate his share of restaurant franchise business 678 Co., LTD. to a good cause. Previously in February, he has already donated 2 billion won to Asan Medical Center. Kang Ho Dong also announced that he will be helping out children in South Sudan, Africa. Fans are welcoming such heartwarming news about Kang Ho Dong. 

Kang Ho Dong’s agency announced on April 9 through an official press release, “Kang Ho Dong will donate all of his equity holdings of 678 Co., LTD. and its income to the society.” 678 Co., LTD. is a medium-sized corporate, which includes seven different brands and 140 stores in Korea. Earlier this year, the company advanced to the markets in the U.S. and China. Kang Ho Dong founded 678 Co., LTD. with a friend and holds 33.3% of the company shares, which equals to approximately 15 billion korean won (about 13.2 million USD). Currently, Kang Ho Dong is discussing and figuring out the details of his donation and nothing has been revealed to the public yet. 

An official from Kang Ho Dong’s agency stated, “Kang Ho Dong is very happy with his decision. He expects this donation is preparing him for a long-term charity and volunteering activities. Although he himself no longer holds any authority within or legal obligations to 678 Co., LTD., he expects his action to inspire the company to continuously make donations for the society as well as for its own growth.” 

Kang Ho Dong announced his retirement after being accused of tax evasion in September 2011. He has not made a public appearance until April 8, when he appeared at All-rise Band Woo Seung Min‘s wedding as a guest.