Although Kang Ho Dong is not appearing on television, his restaurant business is doing well! Kang Ho Dong’s restaurant franchise “678” announced on April 6 that they would launch the Tteokbokki restaurant “Kang Ho Dong the World” near Beijing. Kang Ho Dong’s “678” restaurants expanded into LA and Atlanta. His chicken business is also looking to expand into Japan, Canada, and the Philippines.

The “Kang Ho Dong the World” restaurant will serve foods that you usually see at Bunshik restaurants such as tteokbokki, fried foods, and fish cakes. “678” believes that they will soon expand into Japan and the U.S, and they will spread information about tteokbokki which is a Korean traditional dish.

A representative of “678” stated, “We believe that Chinese buyers will be satisfied with the taste of tteokbokki. We believe that the ‘Kang Ho Dong the World’ restaurant will satisfy China.