Kang Ho Dong‘s first official comeback date has been decided!

On October 15, according to a broadcast source, Kang Ho Dong will hold his first recording for “Star King” on October 29. This episode will air on November 10.

“Star King” has always been pre-recorded two weeks in advance. Recordings for “Star King” have always been held on Mondays. In order to air the episode on November 10, Kang Ho Dong will be recording on October 29.

Along witih Kang Ho Dong’s comeback to “Star King,” the main PD who directed “Family Outing” will also join the staff team. “Star King” is expected to see slight changes within the program. However, the main concept of making stars out of ordinary people coming on the program with their own special talents and stories will stay the same.

“Star King” has been one of Kang Ho Dong’s main programs as the MC until his temporary retirement last year. During his absence, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, Boom and Park Mi Sun had taken the MC role. However, with Leeteuk’s nearby enlistment coming up, the switch to Kang Ho Dong has naturally been decided.

Who is excited to see Kang Ho Dong back on television!?