On August 12th at the filming site for “One Night Two Days,” Kang Ho Dong stated, “Just like the production team said, there is nothing decided about my leaving ‘One Night Two Days,’” “currently I am carefully keeping open discussion channels with the production team and we are communicating back and forth, if a decision comes out we will tell you soon.

As the Korean public awaits Kang Ho Dong’s decision, attention is being focused on how much money he actually makes from variety shows and advertisements.

According to different broadcasting representatives, currently Kang Ho Dong is making 2.2 million dollars (approximate) a year through his appearances on TV. But, the amount of money he makes through commercials is over 1 Million dollars (approximate).

An insider of the industry stated, “If Kang Ho Dong does end up leaving ‘One Night Two Days’ he will probably be making more money than he is now for appearing on the show.” (It is said that Kang Ho Dong receiving about 9,000 dollars per episode of One Night Two Days.)