Actress Kang Hye Jung shared her thoughts on marriage at the press conference of upcoming tvN drama “Marriage Tricks.” She expressed, “Being married is awesome. I really recommend people to get married. When I was single, I was not interested in marriage at all. Kids? I could care less. I never knew how great married life can be.” She then shared her own experience of being married. She commented, “In my case, my marriage was kind of rushed. It all happened really fast. I think I made the right choice. I found relief in Tablo and my married life.” 

Kang Hye Jung also talked about being a working mom. She thanked her husband Tablo and her mother-in-law for always helping her with childcare. She stated, “I understand that many working mothers are struggling to find the happy medium between their working lives and home. I know it is really tough to take care of both. I’m lucky to have my mother-in-law who takes care of my kid whenever needed. Also, Tablo is always there for the child when I’m not and this allows me to pursue my career. I’m really thankful to have their help.” 

“Marriage Tricks” is a romantic comedy about a single lady who is not interested in getting married at all and a rich, innocent, and yet macho who falls for her. Kang Hye Jung will play the role of Yoo Gun Hee, a career-driven and egotistic woman who has never been in love. “Marriage Tricks” will air on April 2.