Actress Kang Hye Jung participated in her husband Tablo‘s new Epik High come back track “Don’t Hate Me.” Upon Tablo’s request, Kang Hye Jung lent her voice by narrating “love me” in the second half of song.

YG Entertainment spoke with OSEN on October 25 and said, “The female voice that says, ‘Love me’ in the second part of ‘Don’t Hate Me’ is indeed Kang Hye Jung. She recorded that part with her cell phone herself and sent it to the Epik High team.”

Previously, when Epik High performed at a Hongdae club, Tablo proclaimed, “Even if everyone hates me, if only one person loves me, I can live in this world,” expressing his love for his wife, Kang Hye Jung.

Epik High released their official 7th album for the first time in 3 years with two title tracks, “UP” and “Don’t Hate Me,” and is actively undergoing promotions.