IZ*ONE recently concluded their activities as a group, and the members have gone their separate ways. As they prepare for their own endeavors in the entertainment industry, netizens can’t help but fall in love with Kang Hyewon‘s latest profile photos!

hyewon 6

Hyewon was always a popular visual from her Produce 48 days, and as an IZ*ONE member, continuously stunned with her small, doll-like face!

hyewon 7

As IZ*ONE officially disbanded in April, Hyewon returned to her agency, 8D Creative. She took new profile shots as an artist under the agency, and everyone cannot stop raving about her incredible visuals!

hyewon 1
| 8D Creative

hyewon 2

The simple styling and minimal makeup work extremely well to bring out her pretty features, and she kills it in every shot!

hyewon 4
| 8D Creative

hyewon 3
| 8D Creative

We’re excited to see what Hyewon does next as an artist!

hyewon 5
| 8D Creative