My Kang Ji Hwan (“Lie To Me“) is featured in a magazine spread looking pretty sleek and also, uh, not-so-sleek for September’s issue of Officiel Homme, a men’s fashion magazine.

On one hand, you have upswept hair, a sharp suit, and yes, probably a liberal use of the airbrush. But still: Put-together and lookin’ good. A little bit Vampire Prince Chaebol In Gothic Romance, but overall I’m digging the pretty.

And then, for no explicable reason, you have him photographed with asymmetrical hairdo rumpled in haphazard bird’s-nest fashion, wearing a loose-fitting jacket over a belted cardigan, standing like he’s about to reach for his six-shooter in a face-off for High Noon: The Metrosexual Edition. Except he’s got a pair of smartphones hanging where his gun should be, so maybe he’s planning on beaming you to death with cancerous wifi rays so he can claim his victory in, oh, thirty years.

Till then, though, he can hang with me.

Via Chosun

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