Kang Ji Hwan‘s lawyer from law firm APEX stated on October 23, “Kang Ji Hwan wants to resolve the ongoing issue amicably and he has not violated any clause in his exclusive contract with the agency. He signed a contract with APEX in early October to understand and execute his contract with S-Plus Entertainment more smoothly and seek legal advices. There has not been a dispute between Kang Ji Hwan and the agency. They just had a slight disagreement in terms of scenario selection, future directions of Kang Ji Hwan as an actor, and so on. Kang Ji Hwan struggled with these issues.”

On the same day, S-Plus Entertainment confirmed that they could not reach the actor after Kang Ji Hwan had a conflict with his manager and the agency’s CEO. Kang Ji Hwan sent a certification of contents regarding his contract to the agency and S-Plus Entertainment submitted their case to Korean Entertainment Management Association for mediation.  

Kang Ji Hwan’s lawyer explained, “I think there has been a misunderstanding on S-Plus Entertainment’s side thinking that Kang Ji Hwan sent the certification of contents as a way to make a statement. This is not the case. Kang Ji Hwan didn’t send the documents to nullify his current exclusive contract or stop its effects. He would like to resolve this issue through conversations.”

The laywer also added, “However, we are very disappointed in how S-Plus Entertainment made it look as if Kang Ji Hwan has violated his contract through many news publications. It is very hard to understand why the agency asked Korean Entertainment Management Association for mediation when there is no case of violation. We are working on an appropriate response to such action.”

Previously in 2008, Kang Ji Hwan was involved in another contract dispute for nullifying his exclusive contract with Jambo Entertainment with eight months still remaining and signing another one with S-Plus Entertainment.