Actor Kang Ji Hwan‘s agency S-Plus Entertainment confirmed that they are having a dispute with the actor. A representative from S-Plus Entertainment stated on October 23, “After Busan International Film Festival, Kang Ji Hwan notified us with the certification of contents with no previous warnings or discussions. This was in early October. Right now, we are unable to reach him.” 

This representative added, “We are currently going through the certification of contents and have reported this issue to Korea Entertainment Management Association.” S-Plus Entertainment would like to negotiate with Kang Ji Hwan as soon as Korea Entertainment Management Association gets back to them with a decision. However, Kang Ji Hwan has told the agency to contact his lawyer regarding his showbiz career and has been out of reach.

Previously, Kang Ji Hwan was involved in another contract-related dispute with his formal agency Jambo Entertainment in December 2008. At the time, Kang Ji Hwan had eight months remaining in his contract with Jambo Entertainment and yet decided to prematurely end the contract by notifying the company with the certification of contents for cancellation of the contract. Before the dispute was over, he signed another exclusive contract with S-Plus Entertainment, causing much trouble in the industry.