Famous announcer Kang Ji Young appeared on the latest episode of Knowing Brothers and had some banter with long-time cast member Kim Heechul.

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Kang Ho Dong broached the subject by saying “She went on a blind date with one of our members and still agreed to come on the show”. Heechul quickly revealed himself to be the member in question.

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Do you still live in Gwacheon? We saw each other with Jang Sung Kyu. It wasn’t like we dated and broke up.

– Heechul

Kang Ji Young gave further details about their date.

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We just ate a meal together once. I met Heechul for the first time at the team dinner for Code. He took full control of the atmosphere and I thought, “He’s no ordinary person, you have to be able to control the atmosphere if you’re a celebrity”.

– Kang Ji Young

She was then asked the question everyone had on their mind, if she had feelings for Heechul. Ji Young quickly put those thoughts to bed.

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I thought that he was someone I shouldn’t be associated with.

– Kang Ji Young

Heechul then quipped back “Is it okay for me to reveal our text messages?” while smiling.