Recently revealed BTS cuts of cosmetic brand DHC‘s TV commercial filming shows Kang Min Kyung in a skin tight mini dress. The mini dress showcases several shades of the color blue in gradation and the material resembles the texture of compression bandage. Even in such bright color and tight contour of the dress, Kang Min Kyung flaunted her flawless body.

Kang Min Kyung commented on dieting, “I’ve been doing it since I was very young. I’ve done the one-food diet and also tried just starving myself. But eventually, I learned that none of that is helpful. You must be healthy and beautiful inside first. It’s called ‘Inner Beauty,’ you know. Now I try to make a smart, healthy plan and try to stick to it rather than recklessly trying new extreme dieting methods to just be skinny.”

During the shooting of this commercial, Kang Min Kyung humorously complained that her stylist always prepares clothes that are way too tight on her body. However, once the cameras turn back on, she showed off her perfectly shaped body with pride in front of them. Currently, Kang Min Kyung is appearing on KBS “Haeundae Lovers.”