Kang Sung Hoon his stylist were involved in a trespassing and assault case regarding Kang Sung Hoon’s former manager.

According to sources from Gangdong Police Station, a friend (B) of Kang Sung Hoon’s former manager (A) sued Kang Sung Hoon’s stylist (C) for assault charges on September 27. Sources from the Seongnae patrol division revealed, “We figured that it was a simple assault case between two people, so we passed the case to Gangdong Police Station.”

It is reported that Kang Sung Hoon’s stylist (C) called Kang Sung Hoon’s former manager (A) in front of A’s house, wanting to talk to A. A’s friend B called the police to press charges against C for trespassing. The assault is reported to have happened when A left the house to find a taxi. C is claiming that she was the one who was assaulted, not A. A is said to be the main testifier for the recent fraud case that Kang Sung Hoon is involved in. It was previously reported that Kang Sung Hoon was with C at the scene, but sources from the police and YG Entertainment did not confirm whether or not he was actually there.

Kang Sung Hoon is currently under scrutiny for previous incidents such as cancelling his fan meeting in Taiwan and his fan club embezzling fan donations during a screening event. He will not be participating in the SECHSKIES concert scheduled on October 13 and 14.

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