Former H.O.T. member Kang Ta is reportedly preparing to make his long-awaited and definitely overdue domestic comeback!

According to a report by Sports Donga, the singer has started recording his fourth full-length album that is likely to be released in January. If everything goes as planned, this would mark Kang Ta’s first Korean comeback in eight years. While he dropped “Eternity” before enlisting in the military in 2008, it has been whopping 11 years since the release of his third studio album “Persona.”

Making his return even more special, next year marks the 20th debut anniversary of his group H.O.T.

It has also been revealed that Kang Ta himself is in charge of the album production process.

Meanwhile, Kang Ta has focused on solo activities in China and Japan over the past few years, in addition to promoting as a member of project group S.

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