On September 16, 2009, the Kangnam police department reported that
three men, including Super Junior member Kang-in (Kim Young Woon), were
being indicted for assault after an altercation at a bar early
that morning. Eyewitnesses reported that one of the men, who arrived
with a friend, mistakenly sat at Kang-in’s table, and that the three
men began arguing with each other.  Kang-in then left the bar, but the
two men followed him outside.  A passerby initially tried to prevent
the fight, but then joined in, and was taken to the police station and
indicted with the other three. 

It is not yet clear to what
extent Kang-in participated in the violence, or whether he instigated
it.  A representative for SM stated earlier that Kang-in was not involved in
the actual assault.  Kang-in told a police officer that he had not
beaten anyone, but was hit by the other men.  Multiple eyewitnesses
dispute both these claims.  Kang-in left the police station later that
morning.  He did not issue any public statements.

All of
Kang-in’s upcoming appearances have been temporarily postponed.  He has also been
dropped from Andre Kim’s upcoming fashion show, where he was to be the
main runway model.