Ever since Kangnam announced that he will be forfeiting his Japanese citizenship in favor of his Korean citizenship, rumors of his wedding preparations with Lee Sang Hwa began to circulate.

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Kangnam has been dating Olympian speed skater, Lee Sang Hwa, since early this year. The two got closer after filming Laws Of The Jungle.

kangnam lee sang hwa marry 2
Lee Sang Hwa (far bottom left) and Kangnam (fourth from the bottom left).


However, Kangnam’s agency replied that although they are in talks about getting married, nothing has been confirmed or set for certain.

It’s true that he’s dating Lee Sang Hwa with sincere intentions of marriage, but it’s not true that they are already planning for their wedding.

It’s true that the couple has both talked with their families about the potential marriage, but there’s nothing to announce yet.

— DMOST Entertainment