Updated May 1 KST:

Kangnam has personally taken to social media to reassure fans of his current status!

Kangnam was involved in a five-car collision on April 28 on his way to a scheduled event. Fortunately, he was said to have sustained no major injuries.

After a few days of rest and healing, Kangnam has updated fans on how he’s doing. He posted a photo of himself on Instagram and wrote, “I’m recovering well. Thank you so much to everyone who worried about me. Be careful when you’re on the road, everyone!”

We hope that Kangnam continues to rest well and has a speedy recovery soon!

Original Article:

Kangnam’s agency gave an update on Kangnam’s current condition.

On April 29, a source from his agency said, “After Kangnam received a thorough medical examination in Seoul, he went home this morning and is resting.”

The source added, “His head and neck were impacted so there’s some pain, but we don’t think it’s a big injury. We are planning to watch his progress.”

On April 28, Kangnam was involved in a five-car collision on the Gyeongbu Expressway on his way to a scheduled event in Chungju.

Kangnam has recently been busily promoting the duet “Jangijigijang” with Tae Jin Ah. Following Kangnam’s accident, it was reported that Tae Jin Ah completed the scheduled event alone and immediately came to visit Kangnam at the hospital.

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