Kangta is favorably considering partaking in upcoming JTBC drama “Happy Ending.” An official from “Happy Ending’s” production crew stated, “Unless some major problem or change occurs, we are pretty sure Kangta will join us. Since its his first acting career in a long time, everybody is really excited to work with him.”

Kangta debuted as an actor back in 2005 as the main character of KBS drama “Loveholic.” Since then, he has been acting continuously in China, but fans and viewers in Korea only saw him on stage as a singer. Therefore, many are expecting Kangta’s new acting career in Korea to draw much attention from the public as well as industry officials.

“Happy Ending” is about a terminally ill man and people in his life. Kangta will play the role of the boyfriend of the daughter of the main character (played by Choi Min Soo).