First generation idol Kangta shared some delicious pizza with his company’s juniors, EXO.

Kangta was the lead singer and visual of the legendary idol group H.O.T back in the day, but now mostly keeps a low profile except for his role as a judge and mentor on “Voice Korea.” He has recently signed on to be a regular cast member on the variety show “I Live Alone.” 

“I Live Alone” shows Kangta in his post H.O.T life. In the upcoming episode, the former idol star heads to the SM building for work but among the throng of fans, there are none that are his, causing him to reflect that a lot has changed since his glory days. Kangta sees his juniors and SM Entertainment’s latest group, EXO, who has just finished a music show recording. Seeing them reminds Kangta of his old days, and he decides to buy the young group some pizza.

Over pizza Kangta reminisces about his time as an idol member and offers advice to EXO.

This episode of “I Live Alone” will air on July 19.