KARA broke yet another record in Japan with their fourth Japanese single “Go Go Summer,” DSP Media said today. KARA’s “Go Go Summer” ranked second on this week’s Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart with total sales of 114,000 copies, making it their second consecutive single to break the 100K milestone in first week sales. Their third Japanese single “Jet Coaster Love” sold a total of 123,000 copies in the first week of its release in April. 

Through today’s record, KARA has become the first foreign female artist in Japan to sell more than 100K copies in the first week of release. They are only the second foreign artist to set this record since DBSK, DSP Media added.

“This is the first time for a foreign female artist (including solos) to do so in the 44 year history of Oricon Singles Charts. If you include foreign male artists, it’s only the second time since DBSK,” DSP Media said in a statement.

With today’s sales record, all four Japanese singles by KARA (“Mister,” “Jumping,” “Jet Coaster love,” and “Go Go Summer”) have ranked in the top 5 of the Oricon Charts, DSP Media added.  “Go Go Summer” is a sprightly dance track befitting the cute and lively appeals of all KARA members.