“Gotta Catch Em All!” As we reported before, Kara’s figurines in their “Mister” attire was to be released at the end of March. Pre-sale orders for the figurines have begun as of April 24 in South Korea.

It is the first time that a girl group in South Korea has had figurines created for them. In the past celebrities such as Seo Taiji and Ryu Shi Won had figurines made of them. The models are supposed to be designed by DC Comics, Nokia, and Enterbay.

If you are located in South Korea, you can pre-order a figurine through the website www.characterm.com. The price of a single pack (Which contains one figurine) is around $100 and the full pack (That contains all members) costs around $500. The figurines are 12 inches tall.

DSP Media stated, “We will start by pre-sale orders in South Korea. Then we will begin sales in foreign countries such as Japan. Kara is the first girl group to release figurines. We are curious about the reaction to the figurines.” 

Would you purchase them?