Kara’s “Best Clip 2 and Show” has maintained #1 for five days on the Japanese Oricon DVD chart. The DVD “Best Clip 2 and Show” was released on February 29 and has been #1 on the DVD Overall chart.

“Kara Best Clip” which was released on February 23, 2011 also went up to #1 on the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart. It was the first time that an overseas female singer had appeared on the DVD chart after it was created in 1999. “Kara Best Clip” was #1 for two weeks for the weekly chart and #1 for 7 days on the daily chart. The DVD sold 250,000 copies and became platinum.

Kara has been successful with their DVDs and Oricon. Their drama “Ura Kara” which was released on June made #9 on the Oricon Chart.